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Property Management

Jervis Bay Rentals is a family run business started in 2010 that has positioned itself at the more discerning end of the holiday rental market.


The worst case scenario for owners engaging Jervis Bay Rentals, is a similar net profit acheived by other managers and a very well maintained property.  A more realistic outcome is owners making significantly more money and their properties being lifted to whole new level in terms of general maintenance and presentation.  We achieve this by managing no more properties than we can comfortably service, allowing us to pay close attention to individual clients.


Our business model is different to that of other property managers in that we focus strongly on the guest experience, rather than cutting corners to keep tariffs low.


From a guest’s perspective, properties managed by JBRentals:


  • Are fastidiously cleaned.  For every booking we complete a full clean (typically 6 or 7 working hours), have our maintenance person tidy the outside, clean windows and carry out basic repairs, and a supervisor checks the lot before every guest arrives.
  • Have no extra costs.  No credit card fees, linen included, no extras for cots or highchairs, free callouts if there is an issue.
  • Have people actually talk to them.  We call all prospective guests to ensure they have end up in the correct property.
  • Are reliable.  We only manage high quality properties that are likely to attract repeat guests.


From an owner’s perspective:


  • We maintain properties to a very high standard.  This attention to detail is one aspect that sets us apart.
  • We focus on a high net return.  Jervis Bay Rentals employ a high cost, high service, high profit model.
  • We screen out party groups.  Managers who accept online bookings with talking to guests can’t do this effectively.


Please note that for all but the most execptional properties Jervis Bay Rentals aren't accepting new clients.  The limitation is required to ensure the highest standards are maintained for those we do manage.


We do maintain a list of potential clients who we get back into contact with when we have capacity for more properties.  If you’d like more information on our services, or would like to be added to our waiting list, please call us on 0448 288 918.